Monday, 28 January 2013

Uniwell AX3000 and Phoenix in Hyltons Restaurant, Bowness


Harmony EPOS Solutions recently installed a new EPOS System in Hyltons Restaurant.

Hyltons Restaurant-horz

Situated in the heart of Bowness-on-Windermere, Hyltons Restaurant is cosy, informal, family friendly, and popular with both tourists and locals. The owner, Steve Wilson, came to Harmony Epos Solutions when he needed an equipment upgrade, he worked along side our EPOS Sales Manager, Trevor Procter to find the best solution based upon his businesses needs. Steve wanted a system that would be easy to use and adapt, that would withstand the knocks and bangs that happen in a busy restaurant, and would enable his staff to spend more time looking after customers rather than playing around on difficult to use tills.

From this is was decided that Hyltons Restaurant would benefit greatly from the new Uniwell AX3000 and Phoenix software system. In December 2012, it was installed and we recently went back to see how their new system was performing. Here is what Steve Wilson had to say;

“We chose to upgrade our current Uniwell system because my previous Uniwell system had given me 15 relatively trouble free years, and I agreed that a Uniwell non-pc based system, is likely to last twice as long as a computer based touch.”

“Our new Uniwell AX3000 looks like a computer so my staff find it simple to use, and I was performing my own program changes from day 1! I can change the simplest things, such as button sizes, colours and menu changes without referring to a manual; the system can be very easily personalised.”

“I have two Nexus tablet running the Phoenix software, meaning that my staff can take orders at the table. The menu changes that I make on the AX3000 are uploaded to the tablets in seconds with no extra programming required. My plan is to use the two Uniwell touch screens to look after the downstairs restaurant and the Phoenix system on the tablets will look after upstairs which means that my staff won’t have to leave their sections upstairs to place orders, so customer service will be greatly improved as my staff will be readily available for my customer at all times.”

“ Once we are fully up to speed with the Phoneix system we will possible take orders with it downstairs as well. The only tricky task will be educating my customers to order in stages for drinks then food, however this will ensure that my staff will not miss items off the bill, so customers will always get what they ordered and we won’t lose money from the missing items. Overall the Phoenix software will help increase table spend and table turnaround.”

“ We chose to work with Harmony EPOS for our upgrade as they had supplied and maintained out previous system and I have always been happy with their after-sales service and quick response times on the rare occasion that have had a problem.”

Trevor Procter, Harmony EPOS Sales Manager, added “The Uniwell AX3000 and Phoenix system is likely to see many table-service restaurants adapt to wireless ordering because the cost of this system is much less than previous systems- two tablets running Phoenix and a wi-fi accessed point will cost less than £1000 compered to over £4000 for older systems. I think that any table-service establishments using a paper system will accept that they lose money due to products such as coffees, desserts and wines missing from a customers bill- and usually these mistakes are only noticed when it is too late. With this system it is not possible to miss products and the orders will be sent to the kitchen in real-time allowing the waitress to be more available to customers which will increase spend and customer satisfaction.”

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