Monday, 7 January 2013

Adande | Catering Equipment Dealer Survey


Adande, manufacturers of refrigeration to a unique and patented design, recently commissioned an anonymous survey among catering equipment dealers, with some very interesting results.

A lack of temperature stability was seen as a significant, but unavoidable, shortcoming of all conventional refrigeration units when used in professional kitchens. The majority of dealers surveyed recognise that the design of all traditional door and drawer fridges leaves them unable to cope when their use increases and kitchen temperatures rise.


When asked to “name the biggest problems associated with conventional cabinets” 50% of those responding said that the most serious issue is a lack of temperature stability. It is no surprise that temperature stability is a concern as it is the single most important factor in ensuring food safety and extended shelf life. Without it, food waste and poor food quality become significant costs and a drain on hard earned profits. Unstable temperatures also promote the growth of the bacteria that cause food poisoning.

So if half of respondents consider rightly that temperature stability is the most serious shortcoming of traditional refrigeration why do they then seem to accept it? The answer could be seen in the answers to other questions that revealed a commonly held view that as all traditional units perform in a similar way none should be expected to work effectively in hot and busy environments. So although temperature stability is known to be vital, some respondents considered it an impossible goal.


So what can be done to help caterers avoid the high cost of losses resulting from unstable temperatures?

Thousands of chefs and kitchen operators have found a unique solution to the problem. They use Adande Refrigeration and have proved, to their own satisfaction, that the problem is not the heat in the kitchen, nor is it operator abuse or misuse. It is simply a case of not using the right tool for the job. Each Adande unit has an insulated drawer - a simple patent protected design that is not available to any other manufacturer without a licence. The dense cold air sits in the drawer when it is opened and the hot kitchen air cannot displace it.

Questioned further about “customer requirements” when selecting refrigeration, 94% of dealers cited purchase price, 69% listed reliability and 33% mentioned after sales service as being one of the three main purchase drivers.

While purchase price will always be high on the list with customers, it was interesting to see there is a growing recognition that ‘lifetime cost’ is important. And when asked “which brand would you recommend to clients interested in equipment with the lowest through life cost of ownership” more dealers considered that Adande provides users with the lowest ‘lifetime cost’ than any other brand.

Adande refrigeration does what any chef would want and any dealer should recommend. The units cost less to own, keep food safer and fresher for longer, are more reliable, use less energy and perform to specification no matter where they are located, or how hot and busy the kitchen.

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