Friday, 12 October 2012

If you don’t have Adande supporting your business… why not?

Here at Harmony Business we are advocates for products that are of the highest quality, eco friendly, and are innovatively designed, and the Adande Refrigerated Drawer demonstrates each of these features perfectly.
Because of this we would like to tell you more about the Adande Refrigerated Drawers that we offer. Many have heard of this company and their range, but are still uncertain of the benefits it could bring to their kitchen, so allow us to explain why we believe in Adande

Adande Refrigerated Drawers were designed after pleas from chefs to provide fridges and freezers that would hold temperature. The problem of cold air falling out on each door opening leads to food spoiling and being thrown out- a very expensive hobby for any caterer! This is where the Adande Refrigerated Drawers have excelled, all their products are built around the same award winning technology- the patent protected insulated Adande drawer. Adande offer the best temperature control, and are designed for health, hygiene and ease of cleaning. 
We could go on about how many awards Adande have won, and all the other sales information, but what really matters is what impact Adande Refrigeration Drawers will have on your kitchen and business. 
Adande allows your chefs to deliver complete flexibility in handling refrigerated food and they increase your foods shelf life. No longer do your chefs have to waste time running between the refrigerator and their prep bench, they will have everything they need to hand. With Adande’s expansive range of refrigerated units, there is a unit to fit into any kitchen. You can choose from single drawer chef-base units, two-drawer workstation and counters, to the new Compact and Saladette models. Overall an Adande refrigerated system within your kitchen will significantly improve productivity, save operational costs and increase your profit. 
Don’t take our or even Adande’s word for it; There are now Adande drawers in a wide variety of kitchens and retail outlets including fine dining, pubs, restaurants, hotels, colleges, butchers and international fast food chains. Take a look below at a range of case studies from a variety of chefs who have all converted to Adande.
Adande reviews
So there you have it, we hope we have introduced you to a new concept in refrigeration, and if you already knew about Adande, we hope to have further informed you of the benefits of their range. 
Do you already have Adande drawers in your kitchen? Comment below and let us know your experiences.
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