Thursday, 16 May 2013

Harmony Business hosts seminar on Food Recycling in Scotland



On Wednesday 8th May, we hosted a seminar at Anniesland College in Glasgow. Our Sales Manager, Peter Loftus hosted the seminar alongside representatives from Zero Waste Scotland and Tidy Planet. The aim of the seminar was to introduce and demonstrate food recycling to a number of number of hotel and restaurant owners in Scotland. 

Peter has spent the last few months working closely with businesses in Scotland ensuring that they are going to be compliant with new laws on food recycling when they are introduced next year. If you don’t know already; from 2014, hospitality businesses in Scotland will not be allowed to put food waste down waste disposals as they do now. All food waste must be recycled according to legislation put in by the government. As with all legislation, it can be lengthy and complicated so this seminar was used as a way of simplifying the legislation and telling businesses, what exactly they need to do to be complaint.

This seminar also gave us the opportunity to demonstrate first hand a suitable and effective food recycling system that Anniesland College already have in place. We presented three options that would be suitable for the businesses owners who attended and answered all questions surrounding the new legislation and it effects on peoples businesses.