About us

Who are we?

Well those lovely faces to the left are a selection of the faces that make up Harmony Business & Technology.

We are a company based in the North West England, who specializes in three areas; Professional Kitchens, EPoS Solutions and Laundry Equipment.

We were established in 1983, and since then have gained valuable experience and knowledge in our three specialist areas; Professional Kitchens, EPoS Solutions and Laundry Equipment.  We pride ourselves on our product and service knowledge, our first class service and our ability to adapt our services for all kinds of businesses. Because we are more than happy to work with and provide solutions for businesses with a wide variety or needs, we operate extensively throughout the North West UK, and even venture further afield when the opportunity arises.

So whether you need to buy equipment; need repairs and servicing for your equipment; or require kitchen design and installation we are the company to help you! Our passionate and committed team ensure that you receive the best solution for your business needs.  (Just look at those smiley faces!)

Visit our Webpage for all the details www.harmonybusiness.co.uk/