Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Embedded EPOS| A Simple Solution


Whether you are new to EPoS or have had an EPoS system for some time and are looking for an update; the world of EPoS systems can sometimes be difficult to understand. This is where we can help! At Harmony Business we always look to offer you a range of solutions so that you can assess your options and choose the one that most suits your business and its resources.

You may believe that your business is too small to reap the benefits of a EPoS system, however this is rarely the case. A good EPoS System can save you money, save time, increase productivity and assist in driving your business forward.

At Harmony Business we believe we have the perfect solution for the majority of hospitality businesses. An EPoS system that is tough, reliable, fast, easy to use, and most of all affordable… it may seem like a dream, but the Uniwell AX-3000 delivers all of this and more. The AX-3000 is a non PC based system, which has no hard drive or moving parts, so it can withstand the knocks, bangs and harsh conditions of hospitality and retail…it was built to last twice as long as PC based systems!


The other features that the AX-3000 boasts are;

  • Unique hardware design that delivers lightening fast performance year after year without the need for expensive upgrades.
  • The user interface can be customised to suit each individual business; simplifying operations and minimizing staff training and cost.
  • Instant power on/off, with no wait for the OS to boot up, and no chance of database corruption.
  • Secure from virus attacks and hacking.
  • Customer records and loyalty features can greatly increase marketing functionality and customer service in your business.

Handheld Ordering with Phoenix

As great as the AX-3000 sounds, for waitress service operations, the magic happens when it is integrated with Phoenix! Phoenix is a handheld application waitress application that runs on Android devices, such as smart phones, tablets etc. Phoenix is designed exclusively for the AX-3000 so that maximum compatibility and stability is offered. The ap is easy to use with features that can be intuitively learnt, so all your staff are able to pick it up quickly (even the biggest technophobe will have no problems adapting to it!)


As great as we think this EPoS system is, you may still be unsure about investing in an EPoS system. If you are, you need to think about the following;

  • If you currently have a manual system in place, how often are items missed from the customers bill- costing you money! An EPoS system can stop this from day one.
  • If you have to produce periodic sales reports an EPoS system can make this a very quick procedure allowing you more time to concentrate on improving your business.
  • How easy is it for you to reprogram your existing system- the AX3000 is straight forward with no need to wait for a service engineer. You can even link to back office software if desired.

You don’t have to take our word for it; we have installed the Uniwell AX-3000 and Phoenix systems into a number of hospitality businesses, so keep your eyes peeled for honest feedback and opinions from the business owners and their staff on the benefits the system provides for businesses such as yours.

We understand that making the transition to a EPoS system or even changing your current system, can be daunting, but overall an EPoS system such as the Uniwell AX-3000 and Phoenix can provide a number of functions that are missing or are very slow in your current system. If you want to increase your efficiency then it is worth while investing in a new EPoS system.

Here at Harmony EPoS Solutions we are here to help you through the transition; from initial contact and query right through to training and on-going support for you and your new EPoS system.

We are currently offering the Uniwell AX3000 at a very competitive price, and the Phoenix Software is free for a limited period only. To find out more about Uniwell AX-3000 and Phoenix, or any of our other EPoS systems, or if you would like a demonstration,  please call Trevor Procter on 015395 66680 or email

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