Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It’s Time for TikTap| The Contactless Mobile Loyalty Solution

At Harmony Business we are huge advocates of new technology, but more importantly; innovative technology. This time we are talking about all things EPOS and want to introduce to you the TikTap Smartphone Application. From the people who brought you the successful Orange Wednesdays, comes TikTap; a mobile coupon and voucher redemption capability at point of sales, no card or paper coupons required! This new technology can help drive footfall and increase sales to your business.

Research shows that 33% of UK consumers don’t fully utilise coupons/vouchers and loyalty programmes because they forget to carry the cards or vouchers, and 36% don’t understand their loyalty scheme entitlements. The Tiktap System confronts this by allowing consumers to carry their vouchers on their phone so they are always to hand. This in turn helps you increase offer awareness and voucher redemption in store.


How it works

The TikTap Technology enables your local business to gain a brand presence on a huge, national mobile application, available on IOS and Android operating systems.

TikTap offers you the ability to promote local, reliable and sustainable offers to thousands of potential consumers, as consumers can search and find local businesses through the TikTap ap.

All you have to do is issue a coupon/voucher to the customer through the TikTap Smartphone app, these are shared with TikTap users. The consumer will redeem the voucher by simply tapping their Smartphone on the in-store pod, which are attached to your cash till. This completely removes the need for paper vouchers or loyalty cards.

The use of TikTap allows you to embrace mobile marketing in a cost–effective manner, by making use of your existing cash till. It also provides more accurate market research and feedback. Redemption rates are measured accurately, and you are able to collect vital consumer data, without the manual effort.

As a retailer, installing TikTap could not be easier. The pod connects directly to an EPOS/till system via a USB or RS232 cable; there are no expensive software or hardware upgrades required. There is simple online administration which allows retailers to create and activate a range of promotions that are instantly available to customers. The TikTap system is compatible with virtually all tills up to 15 years old; Casio, Sharp, Uniwell, Fidelity, Sam4S and many more.  

How TikTap could save you money and time



To find out more about TikTap Systems, please call Trevor Procter on 015395 66680 or email

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